Event: Making|Process|Practice Exhibit & Closing Event at MCBA

Some of my work is currently on display at MCBA through April 14th. The books on display- Kirke I and II (formerly the Waltham Watch Book) represent my first foray into gold tooling using the jig and stylus method.
IMG_6283.1 Kirke Book and Waltham Watch book
Karen Kinoshita and  Raven Miller have curated A new exhibit: Making| Process|Practice in the MCBA Lerner Bindery Gallery. A small gallery space in the Minnesota Center for Book Arts, Bindery; Open Book Building. 1011 Washington Ave. N. The Gallery is open to the public during MCBA business hours.
Additionally, the co-op members (including me) who participated in the show, invite you to a special closing event on Friday, April 14, at 6 p.m. Have conversations and refreshments with Minnesota Center for Book Arts artist’s co-op about their work. Visit the Rat-a-tat tat Typing Pool.
Here’s a little introduction to the exhibit:
Making | Process | Practice
Making is a place of thought, trials and actions, where one is wholly content or vulnerable. It is the space to enjoy playing with planned or unplanned materials. Where a visual voice is applied to hopes and dreams, where awe inspired moments appear, muscle memory is built on experimentation, failure and success, to move forward. It is a place to be alone, draw individuals in, or to intersect with others in community.
In process theme evolves and work transforms. This is where to plan and execute, and continue to be fluid and nimble for the unplanned effects that need adjustments or to be changed. Time can move rapidly or be suspended in the process.
In practice craftsmanship should give way to wonder. Where design, content, technique, skill, or individual elements come together in a balance to make artistry strong and engaging.